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Disk Drive Finder is the online hard drive store by IT-Recoup. IT-Recoup is located in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yes, it does get cold and yes, we do stand on frozen lakes and fish in the winter.

My partners and I have been involved in the storage business for over 30 years. Our past includes stints with IBM, Hitachi, Xyratex, and Quantum. We started selling storage solutions back when 10GB drives were considered “big storage” and MFM interfaces were considered leading edge technology. 
While we hate to date ourselves, we would like to think that we have been here from the beginning. Granted, a lot has changed since those days and keeping current in this fast paced industry is not always easy.
One thing we have learned over the years is that the latest technology is not always the best answer for the customer; it’s called bleeding edge technology for a reason. During our time working for the “big technology companies” we realized many customers were faced with challenges related to short product life cycles and product reaching end of life even though it was still serving its intended purpose. 
Spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands to upgrade systems that are already keeping pace with your business creates needless expenditures that stretch budgets and impacts your profitability.   
The big technology companies are mainly concerned with driving quarter over quarter revenue and the only way they can do that is by introducing new products and EOL (end of life) legacy ones. At the end of the day you get caught in the middle when support ends and product replacement parts are no longer available.
At IT-Recoup we believe that if you are a company that likes to get the most from your IT investment, and your systems are serving their intended purpose, you should not be forced to migrate into something you don’t really need or want. 
In a nutshell this is how we came to where we are today. We stock thousands of storage related products to help you extend the life of your existing IT assets well into the future.
All products are available for same day shipment, come with a minimum 90 day warranty, and are fully tested.
Just a side note…
We also buy equipment. If you have decommissioned hardware from a recent upgrade or a move give us a call or send us an email. We will help you recover the residual value remaining in these assets. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Richard Baldwin


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